Directed by NYSU
Written by David Gambero
Cast: Silvia Vacas, Julia Llerena, Chloe Wallace, Diego Landauce, Jonathan D Mellor, Cova de Alfonso, Mario Zorrilla, Santi Senso...
DP: Pablo Clemente
Art Direction: Raul Lopez Serrano
Production Manager: Alberto López Garrido
Music by: Archive
Sound Design: Jose Luis Larra
Styling: Zahara
Make Up: Rebeca Khamlichi, 
VFX: Ezekiel Romero
Color Grading: Thiago Quadrado
Comissioner: John Moule
2014. UK.

“The acclaimed british band “Archive” comissioned us to write and shoot a film inspired on their album “AXIOM”. The challenge was tp create a film which synchronized 100% with the lenght of the LP. We behaved as film composer but in the opposite way composing visuals for a preexisting music. The result: 40 minutes of parallel stories that happen in a distopian world shot in black & white. We worked as art directors side by side with designer Emilio Lorente and photographer Marina Kaysen creating the album cover, the web, movie posters... One of the most exciting experiences of my career.” -- Nysu

"We’ve always harboured ambitions to bring together our music and the filmmaking process. Every time we make an album somebody says it sounds like the soundtrack to a movie that hasn’t been made, well this time we decided to make the movie" -- Darius Keeler, Archive