Directed by NYSU
Cast: Silvia Vacas, Kala Carela, Jorge Vazquez, Clara Sanchez...
DP: Pablo Clemente 
Art Direction: Javier Anibal
Executive Producer (Somesuch): Hannah Turnbull-Walter
Production Manager: Alberto López Garrido
Line Producer: Nuria Montiel
Styling: Maria Elena Soria
Make Up: Ana Coya
VFX: WeMotion Studio
Color: Edu Aranda
Label: Virgin Records
Comissioner: James Hackett
2016. UK.

"It is like a mad visual Rubik's cube that takes a load of archetypal narrative scenarios and then twists and collides them together. We wanted to make something fun and chaotic and surreal that would serve as a fittingly odd accompaniment to the song." -- Dan Smith (Bastille)