Directed by NYSU
Cast: Mario Castellanos, Aiste Lyngte, Pavel Kozick, Claudio Ciocirlan...
DP: Pablo Clemente
Additional DP: Miguel Roldan 
Art Direction: Rafa Alonso
Production Manager: Alberto López Garrido
Line Producer: Paloma Espinós
Styling: Carlos Diez
Cast. Jose Cerqueda
Make Up: Antonio Romero
Edit: Roge Gonzalez
VFX: Felix Cordon
Color: Entropy Studio
Label: Mute Records
Comissioner: John Moule
2015. UK.

“Directed by Spanish filmmakers NYSU, whose past credits include work with Wild Beasts and Philip Selway of Radiohead, the video centres on a 21st-century revamp of the legend of Excalibur.The ancient tale’s sword remains, but its medieval theme is threaded through modern-day scenes that King Arthur may not have recognised – from sweaty nightclubs to what VHS film looks like. Hedonism, overindulgence and food fights all make appearances in the video’s utopian world, and underpin the love story at its core.” -- The Guardian