Directed by NYSU
Cast: Silvia Vacas, Cova de Alfonso, Miguel Roldan, ,  
DP: Juan Santacruz 
Art Direction & Edit: NYSU
Production Manager: Alberto López Garrido
Line Producer: Paloma Espinós
Styling: Zahara
Make Up: Rebeca Khamlichi
Label: Bella Union.
Comissioner: John Moule
2013. UK.

"Good videos can make you rethink the song that you’ve written. They also shine a light on what makes the track tick. NYSU have made a visually rich and intriguing piece for 'Coming Up For Air' which stands up in its own right, yet feels in tune with the track." -- Philip Selway

“Directed by the Spanish film collective NYSU, the clip plays with shifting perspectives as cameras swoop on various vignettes to reveal the seams behind what otherwise look like classic movie shots: A giant pipe sitting horizontally is tweaked to look like a giant hole with two men peering down; a woman moves a cardboard cutout of an eye behind an even larger keyhole as the camera zooms in to make it look life-sized; and a man standing on a riser drops a key into a glass box filled with water as the camera moves beneath, making it look like it was shot from below the surface.” -- Rolling Stones